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Spool Gun on CC Power Suppy - What should I do?

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  • Spool Gun on CC Power Suppy - What should I do?

    Hello all- I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post. So here it goes....

    First I'll lay out the facts. I was given a Cobra Prince XL push-pull gun (working), without the weld control unit, and own a Miller Syncrowave 250 (CC power source).

    I'm contemplating my options and I'd appreciate any suggestions you fine folks have.

    Option 1) Sell it as-is. Any idea what it's worth in its present condition and where I should list it? Fleabay, etc?

    Option 2) From what I have been told, wire welding with a CC power source isn't the way to go. However, Cobra tells me that if I purchase the weld control unit (~$400) and the spool gun conversion kit (~$125) I would be able to wire weld successfully with my Syncro250. Anyone have experience with a similar setup? The reason I'm drawn to this option is that I wouldn't need to take up any additional space and I’d have the option to wire weld. I know that I could pick up a used CV welder for similar (or maybe less money), but I'm limited on space.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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    If Cobra sells you on the spool gun, then your goning to have a push-pull unit sitting around. For welding aluminum, a spool gun works, but a push-pull works much better. The Cobra push-pull set up should be worth close to a used Miller push-pull set. They are used primarily for aluminum fabrication, due to their abillity to run soft wires well over distances.

    Welding GMAW using a CC powersource can be frustrating without the right voltage sensing equipment, in my opinion your best bet would be to sell the push-pull unit and use the money to buy a more versitile all in one MIG. If you plan on welding primarily soft metals, aluminum etc, then employ the push-pull, but using a CV powersource.

    CC MIG setups are very hard to get used to after learning gmaw using CV.

    Here's a picture of the setup I used to run.

    My thoughs..
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      I realy do like those deltawelds. There absolutly great machines. As far as trying to keep space to a minimum you could sell the cobra and the 250 and buy a pretty nice multiprocess machine. They realy come into there own when space is at a minimum. The XMTs are great machines but they don't have AC capabilitys limiting you to using GMAW for aluminum.


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        JohnnyTig- From what Cobra is telling me, I can buy a spoolgun adapter for the push-pull gun I already own. In any case, I was afraid you were going to suggest that the best alternative is to just sell it and get a CV welder for MIG work.

        Any idea what the spool gun is worth?

        Anti-GMAW- Another good idea. Now there's only to discover the pot of gold needed for the upgrade


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          Hey it really sucks when you type out a big long explaination and it gets deleted instead of posted My mistake ):

          Anyway, there are three wire feed options that work with cc or cv. Push only, pushpull, and spool gun. The most versitle is the pushpull, switching to a spool gun from push pull would be like trading in a fully loaded Hum Vee for a Tracker in my opinion.

          As far as power sources, all three will run on CC or CV, however I agree with Anti-GMAW, a multi process machine like an XMT would serve you well if you plan on doing a variety of tasks excluding AC TIG. As far as using what you have, buying a spool gun adapter would be taking a step backward unless the whole deal costs less than a voltage sensing unit.

          Anti-GMAW, yes indeed, the Deltaweld is a fine machine, esspecially coupled to an XRW 30 feeder and the Miller water cooled gun. I've litterally welded miles with that setup, and as far as consistancy, and bang for buck, you can't beat it running soft wires. Currently for any FCAW or GMAW I do I use an XMT 304/350 with a 60 or 70 series feeder (could be mistaken on the numbers) on steel and sometimes stainless, all at work. The finer stuff gets brought home to be put forth to the Dynasty (:

          Dynasty 300DX
          Esab PCM 1000


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            BTW I don't have any idea what a spool gun is worth, however I believe a good miller push pull gun and liner/imbilical cord is around $1200 Cnd. The Miller XR 30W push-pull gun is $1559 Usd on this site. That's MSRP of course.
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            Dynasty 300DX
            Esab PCM 1000


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              For just a Python push-pull gun (made by the same company as the cobra's), your looking at between $1200-1500 US.


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                if you are not looking to do aluminum MIG you could always sell the push pull and pick up a passport, its gotten great reviews and takes up verry little space. the new HH210 might also be a consideration as a small but fairly powerfull MIG unit.
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
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