I have an airco 250 amp heliarc HF machine. The weldshop repairman told me this unit is actually a rebranded Miller Dialarc HF. Anyways, it has an older all metal miller foot control and a Linde Aircooled Torch(17 I guess). The machine works fabulous but in all reality it is too much draw for my garage. If I set it up just hot enough for an aluminum fillet it will trip out. The breaker is good, it's the shop service that is limited. Anyways, I want to sell/trade this unit for money/credit towards a Dynasty 200. Honestly, I paid $800 for it, used it for the battering ram project(stick welded the heads on, best stick welder I've ever used) and it has paid for itself but I want to upgrade. The main reason for the dynasty is the inverter technology. I am also not want to screw around with an econotig and find out it's not enough for what I want to do. This unit is white/blue/ornage and I can put pics up later. It's a great machine for basic tig learning, sick etc. Works great on aluminum, you just need to have the shop power capacity for it. If anyone is interested in buying it, or me giving it as a partial trade please let me know. My email is turbo38t@gmail.com and number is 908-727-3447(before 9pm est please). I did some really nice stainless work with it too and it was awesome. Anyways, hope someone is interested if not, to Ebay it goes. Dave