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    PSI will help the Volume increase, a 80 gal tank with 175Psi hasmore air to offer than the same tank at 135Psi
    most tools ( that i have seen) run below 135, even a Pro. grade air gun for fraiming nails is 100-110 Psi. they are both important but for running high volume air tools its best to look for high CFPM compressors to keep up. whatever PSI the tank can make it will still get regulated down to 100-135 going out the lines, unless yoiu have a special need for HIgher PSI.
    most compressor's have 2 ratings, one at 40psi and another at 90 PSI. this tells you how fast the tank will fill and how well it will keep up when its at operating PSI.
    most of the single stage (IHS) are 135PSI its not till you get into the 2 stagers you start to so 175PSI.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
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