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  • changing voltage?

    Ok, so I finally got a welder, a nice older Dialarc 250, which should work for my needs.

    BUT! it's set up for 460v. Reading the handy online manuals, I see that it's easy to swap over, but here's my question:

    Pictures in the manual show two "horseshoe" connectors or plates, to be placed over the appropriate poles. For 460v, there is only one showing-- on the machine, it is two small pieces, back to back. When switching to 220v, do I need to get another set of two plates? Or is it supposed to be one over each pole??? I don't want to cook anything other than the big box of 6011 rod I got with the welder.

    I'll try to call Miller tomorrow but if anyone knows, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance!

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    No, the tap links don't have to be doubled up for 220v. All that's required for any line voltage is just the two links in whatever tap configuration.
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      As Bob said, just use the two tabs independently. For 460V the Dialarc only needs connection between two studs in the power panel. The extra tab (used for 230V hookup) was "stored" there so it wouldn't get lost.

      If the tab positions are not shown for the various voltages on your machine, let me know and I'll pull the cover on mine and check it out. (I had to do the same thing when I got my Dialarc).
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        Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses.

        Went down to my local welding supply place today, where I was given a free 220 power cord with the right plug. Sweet! And called the local Miller dealer, who told me exactly what you all did. Sooooooo.... looks like I should be up and running tomorrow, yee ha! I doubt I will ever use more than 150amps so I should be good with all the current house wiring. It's been sufficient for the large, very dangerously powerful table saw I have... (smashed two pieces of plywood together on end in MIDAIR! the one time it kicked back. ). I think it draws about 100amps at startup.


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          welcome to the post. but PLEASE watch that table saw! Hope to hear from you soon on the welder, AND that you still have all your fingers!!!!!!!
          I'm not late...
          I'm just on Hawaiian Time