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    I have a Millermatic 252-I was wondering if I could safely use my 60 ft 6/3 wire extension cord. I believe the welder comes with 8/3 wiring. Im using a 220 50 amp power source.

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    That cord is plenty. Go for it!


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      I'm not a electrician, but 6/3 wire sounds to small for 50 amps over a 60ft run. Your going to have a pretty big voltage drop when you start drawing some high current. When I re-wired my detached garage, it was a 40ft run and I put 4 guage wire in and according to code I can safely run up to 70 amps.


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        First, he'll only pull 50A when welding at full-tilt. Second, his duty-cycle will keep him in check, even at that distance, which is really not that long, IMPO. Many runs even in residential settings are over 60 feet, and #6 wire is rated for more than 60A in many situations. I wouldn't even give this a second thought.


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          wile i would tend to agree with MAC on it i would look in my manual, dosent it have a chart for cords and whats needed for what distance.
          i'll look around i think i have one but like mac said the 252 only pulls that at max and then for a short time.
          if it was mine i would go for it, but hey thats me. i'll see if i can dig up the chart if you cant find one in the manual.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            MAC is the expert here. If he says it's enough, you can take it to the bank.

            In my owner's manual for the MM 251 they specify a minimum conductor size in AWG of 8 with a maximum length of 127' (@230V). Your #6 AWG wire is more than adequate to power the MM 252.

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