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  • Lincoln AC Buzz Box

    I use a Lincoln 225 AC Buzz Box. Can it be "souped up" or is it just the way it is? Never having TIG or MIG welded, it is something I'd like to do. Are there any "add-ons" to a Buzz Box?
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    There are things that are possible but not worth the effort, this was designed as a low cost stick machine, what it does best.


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      Lincoln AC 225 modifications

      Almost any AC welder can be modified to give you DC which opens up the possibility of doing TIG and also providing more selection of DC stick rods.

      Many years ago I had an AC only stick welder and I added a full wave rectifier to provide DC. It required 4 large stud mount diodes with 3/4-20 threads to give you an idea of size. I also had to mount the diodes on aluminum heat sinks and insulate them so they would not short out to the welder case.

      Back when I did this, I had more time than money so it was my cheap way to start.

      After all was done, the welder worked quite well and I was able to TIG using the scratch start method.

      After I got better, I saved up and got a used Airco heliwelder as I needed the amperage control capability.

      I did the mod in 1978 and the parts cost about $50 plus about a week of work and cussing.

      So, yes it can be done but what is your time worth?

      Good luck,
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        Yes, this class of machine is so competitively priced it isn't worth the effort.