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Tried a Miller 350P yesterday, WOW!

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  • Tried a Miller 350P yesterday, WOW!

    If I only knew then what I know now. It seems like a couple of years ago when I first started asking for advice on equipment someone suggested the push pull setup but I had never used one. I bought a sync 250 and a spoolgun for my MM210 instead. Yesterday I had the opportunity to use a 350 W/pulse. Very impressive. In my first attempt at using it I laid some of the nicest beads I've ever done. The difference is the pulse feature. I also loved being able to change wire speed at the gun. If your about to spend big bucks on a machine I don't think you can go wrong. Anybody had any bad experience's with this machine? I've got to get one. ADAM
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    Remember it's not pulse but rather pulse/spray and synergetic at that

    You can go and buy pulsers and push-pull units and all that and only get better but it still isn't the same.

    btw...they does seem to be some troublesome units out there but Miller does a good job of helping solve them for the most part.

    I love mine for sure

    Now if I could only afford that 700 Dynasty
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      I concur that adaptive pulsed spray aluminum is some serious fun.

      There's a 350P on CL here for $3500 w/python if you want one. It was posted a couple days ago, so it might be gone, but might be worth a look.
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        I know it's Halloween but it feels more like Christmas here at work! We just got a brand new 350P with the push pull gun (it took awhile but my boss finally caved in!!!), the only problem is now we have to wait for the electricians to hook it up.
        I can't wait!!!
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