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MM 130 welding project

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  • MM 130 welding project

    Anyone ever use a MM 130 to weld up 3/16" steel with good results? I want to make a utility trailer, 6' x 12' out of 3/16" steel using a MM 130 and .035 wire. I have access to an arc welder, but prefer the Mig. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks, from a newbe.
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    The best advise i can give is don't do it esp on 3/16". I have built 500 trailers and i wouldn't do it. If you did, don't use .035 wire. Just my .02...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      My MM135 doesn't do 3/16 good at all. I wouldn't trust it, 'specially on a trailer! I tried flux core, supposed to have more penetration, didn't work good.
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        I took your advise on the MM 130 and I found a MM 175 at a local dealer for around $700.00 and it was the last one he had in stock. I was wondering why 3/16" is not heavy enough and should I use 1/4"? I checked the local trailer manufactures and they are using 3/16" for the frame and 3" channel for the tounge. Any help would be nice, I want to build my trailer safe and secure. Thanks, Eric
        MM 175
        Oxy/Act Set
        220 Arc Welder


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          If you haven't already purchased the MM175, I sugest you also check out the Hobart 187 mig. If you do some homework on this and Hobart's board, I think you'll find the HH187 better rated and a little less money.

          Depending on what weight you're designing your trailer for, 3/16" 2"x2" angle will probably be fine. There are a lot of trailers sold in this area that use that material. Most of them are rated at about 2000# capacity.

          I think, the "don't do it" comment was directed more at not using the MM130 for this project. Think it's just a little low on power. The MM175, MM180, or HH187 will do fine.

          Hope this helps.
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            We had a MM175 at school on 220v line and it passed the bend and x-ray test without a hitch on 3/8" plate. You should be very happy with it
            I'm not late...
            I'm just on Hawaiian Time