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    Originally posted by Bert View Post
    I didn't know those "brick" phones HAD a sim card
    no sorry its a sonny ericson flip phone
    welding...its awsome


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      you mean the sim card isn't from a NEXSCRAP - NEXTRY - - NEXTTELEPHONE- please. leader in field of super breakable phones and failures. Thus why they are the only ones in your phone shop with piles and piles of repair parts. I know if you call nextry and complain about a specified # calling multipl times they can give you the phone users ID. I know a friend of mine at the local wireless store will just plug a # in and tell you al the info you want about the users account. In your case just make up a story about wanting to know whos calling your wife or a if there is a certain kid calling your sons phone. Probablly dont have to go that far but in case you do. Can also plug in names you think it is to find out as well.

      Good luck