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    I am a very new TIGer and decided that a cart for the Dyn200 would be a good starting project. Well, sort of. I also wanted to go "water cooled", but objected to $400-$600 for a cooler. Why not build one, I think. So I did.

    The reservoir for the liquid is two pieces of aluminum rectangle box tube approximately 3in. X 6in. X 15 inches long. They are 1/4 in. thick. The end plates are 3/8 thick. A bit of overkill, I think. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, & metal (other than rebar & big box store crs) is pretty darn scarce. So I use what I can locate. I welded that reservoir with an aircooled 17 torch. Yepper, got pretty warm. 'bout maxed out the Dyn, also. This was my first attempt at Aluminum, & I would classify the experience as "humbling". Many of the welds look like a big seagull pooped on it, but it doesn't leak. The actual cooler is a heater core from a pickup and the pump is a regular Procon pump from EBay. The pump came with a 220V motor, so I hunted for a 220v fan to go with it. That wasn't all that easy, either. The one in the pic is rated at 300 CFM. I am not sure that the reservoir would even be needed with that baby, it really moves some air.

    The body of the cart is 1 inch square aluminum with 0.125 walls. Yep, that is pretty heavy also. I figured that the heavier stock would be less prone to burn through while I was learning. Some of the welds on it are actually OK. I had the cooler finished by the time I started on the actual cart and had acquired a CK Flex Loc torch in the 9/20 size. I REALLY LIKE THAT TORCH.

    The Dyn has round rubber feet that set in homemade aluminum "washers" which are welded to the cross pieces. The cooler is bolted to the lower cross pieces from below.

    I really had a lot of fun with these two projects. It will be pleasant, in the future, to look back at the welds, & (hopefully) think that I have improved over the years.

    Jerry in Anchorasge
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    great job.
    your going to have a lot of fun with the Dyn200. and looking back at the first welds will be fun, or they may inspire you to rebuild it. aether way will be fun.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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      nfinch86- CANADIAN WELDOR :

      GREAT JOB; Looks like a fine cart !!!!..... Norm :


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        Very Nice Job!!!


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          Very nice! I'm working on my first cart this week.. I'm about 80% done..The bottom is 4130 tubing while the platformm for teh TIG it's self is just some 6061 strap and angle..Should look pretty neat when done, but probably not as clean as that cooler setup you built
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            Thanks for the kind words.

            I appreciate the kind words about my cart. Too bad the pics are such low quality. I took to heart the guidelines about the size & resolution when creating them.

            Back to the cart.

            That cooler was a lot of fun, although in the final analysis, it could have been just cheaper to have purchased one. But then, I would not have gained the experience with the welding. It really does work well, though.

            I am really enjoying this forum. Lots of knowledge here. So far, everyone has been helpful, & supportive. That is the way it should be.

            Jerry in Anchorage
            (plus 19F right now at 9PM)