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  • welding today

    I was welding today using my Miller Legend burning some 7018, man that Miller is so smooth!!! its great using Miller welders
    I am so lucky to have the Best in welding equipment Miller
    Thanks Miller for making sutch great machines
    happy welding

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    Glad to hear you like the Miller Legand,but coming from Miller what would you expect.They make some great machines and these forums are a very helpful tool also.Now thats the "power of blue".


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      Hi! I'm new here.

      At school, we have 8 miller welders, and I have to say, wether they're 20 years old or just off the shelf, they're the kings of kings!
      Save our species! Lower metal prices!


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        Originally posted by 2112
        wether they're 20 years old or just off the shelf, they're the kings of kings!
        I'll second that!!
        Hobart 135 (set up for gas)
        Victor torch
        DeWalt chop saw
        Syncrowave 200
        Spectrum 375
        Millermatic 210 or 251 (preferably the 251 )


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          i love my miller but nothing welds smoother than my sa 250 pipeliner it makes you not wanna weld with anything else nothing compares


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            What kind of miller do you have?
            Save our species! Lower metal prices!


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              Shopmaster 300

              Hey I have 15 of the shopmaster 300s in my High School Shop. I LOVE them. They are so smooth and strike so nice. And a guy from Miller actually taught me how and what arc control is and it works very nice. I have 5 of them running TIGs and 5 running MIGs. They are nice!

              I even Wear blue underware... Sorry for the visual!


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                Richard, what are you making with the greatest welders in the world?


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                  I made some trailer light gards. to protect the lights from getting broken,
                  torch botel rack for truck,
                  special lower ball joint remover tool for Honda civic,
                  welded up broken places on bush hog,
                  ramp mounts on car/truck lift rack,
                  welded recivers to welding table that mount wheels and tung
                  angel iron that holds wood floor in 16' trailer when I replaced the wood floor
                  and I am sure their are other things I have welded that I cant think of right now
                  using my Miller Legand stick welder/generator
                  I also used it durring or battle with hurican Katrina . it was my power source for days as we did not have power. the legand supplied us with power and never let us down. yea thats .the Miller living up to its name !

                  I used my Miller matic 250x Mig welder to make all kinds of things
                  I made,
                  a trailer about 2 years ago, a small one to go behind my 4 wheeler
                  a vise stand for a co-worker of mine
                  reciever hitch on the frunt of my tractor with a 2" ball , and a bush gard that fits into the reciver.
                  welded up a tail wheel that I broke on my bush hog.
                  T post racks on my truck to hall steel 20' 24' 30' stick without pulling a trailer
                  recivers for my welding table,
                  welding couplers on tungs of diffrent trailers,and things
                  trailer ramps,
                  expanded metal in tung of trailer
                  eye hook brackets to lower yard light pool to change light bulb/sinsor,
                  spot welding sheet metel to under rusted out hole in trunck lid of old Toyota car so I can bondo over the hole after glass blasting it.
                  welding up holes in rusted threw rims in old golf cart wheels.. with inter tube works great,
                  mounts for bigger wheel berral type wheels on air compressor,...makes moving across yard easier
                  and I am sure that there are lots of other things that I have welded using my Miller matic 250x mig welder that I can't think of right now .too
                  but I hope this answered you question as to what have I been welding with my Miller welders
                  just what ever projects that I can think of or dream up, I love making things.
                  I will say this . the things that I weld for friends or co-workers, I do not charge them for my work. you never know when you may be on the recieving end of a favor, I treat them like I would want to be treated
                  I enjoy welding using my Miller equipment

                  Miller the Best their is !