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My Summer Project-Warning Long Slideshow

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  • My Summer Project-Warning Long Slideshow

    Great Board! A lot of good information and Ideas here. I thought I would share my latest project.

    This summer I decided to build a BBQ pit. When I started I really didn't know much about BBQ pits. I studied some of the BBQ forums and magazines and made a drawing of what I wanted. It is amazing these days what you can find in terms of information if you dig hard enough. I found calculations for getting the heat to flow, ideas for insulating the firebox, and even added a sink to this thing.

    I used a Miller 212 with spoolmate for most of the welding, and for some of the smaller stuff I used my Hobart 180. For the cutting I used Spectrum X-treme 375 plasma. I did a whole lot of cutting! So far I am very happy with all my Miller products! My plasma had a small problem when I first got it, but as it turned out it was crap in my airline that caused that, Miller was great in helping me diagnose and even sent me a new part to fix it. This was after they we found out is was my problem. Thanks Miller.

    Well here is my slideshow. It is kinda long, but it is start to finish.

    Here is a pic of the finished pit if you don't want to see the entire slideshow:

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    Man, that's impressive. I'm currently in the middle of a welding class for complete newbies. Maybe in several years I'll be able to tackle something like this, but at the moment a simple rectangular frame made out of 3/16 angle is a challenge


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      wow that is one nice pit. You compete?
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        LewisCobb - Thanks for the compliment! Stay with it, not that I am an expert, but we all start somewhere! I was fortunate enough to grow up in a fabrication shop when I was a kid. So I have been around welding/cutting for a long time.

        Jweller - Thanks! No, I don't compete. I just really like to BBQ.


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          Very Nice

          Great job - I really like the pig handles! Attention to details like that really sets a "homemade" item apart from anything you buy. Once again, very nice


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            Great job on the smoker and the post ! I saw this thread last night and I thought I better join. A Smoker trailer is on my winter list of things to do. I may have to ask you for some more info in a few weeks. thanks for the awsome post, nicey done, Daye

            here a few pics of what I got started.
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              Wow! Now that's a nice BBQ trailer!!! I have a friend asking that i make him a 55 gallon drum based smoker for this coming summer and the rest of football season this year if i can manage it.

              One question i have is where's a GOOD place to get a decent price on a barrel that's not full of fumes or residue from something deadly or explosive?

              Or what would be a good drum to get ( as in what it held when it was in service to know that nothing will taste weird or have anything poisonous in it?

              Also, loved the slideshow, especially the pig handles... That's some nice cutting especially if it's freehand. Would you miund shooting me a PM or posting what you used for insulation on the fire box and where i can find the same stuff.
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