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    im pretty sure you drive a car, fly in an airplane, climb a metal stair case, use an elevator, or pretty much anytime you are around metals that has been fused together which could potentially hurt or kill you if those welded areas let go i think you should be pretty glad that not just any human can call themselves a welder..

    as for field work i read my earlier post and wow.. i wish i did actually hear a bit of work with some of them but thats not the case now... a couple guys from school are looking for work.. ones a "B" level and hes looked as far as ontarion he said with no real luck.. another just finished his "A" level and hes been up around edmonton twice now as well as sending resumes off to several other places with no luck... myself im thinking if i can afford it im going to continue on and do my "B" level right after my "C".... its a good time to be in school.. good luck.
    P.S. watch the jay leno promoting welding video on youtube lol, good stuff.
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      Alberta Field Work

      hey man, try to get a job with the Boilermakers union 146, i know that i see tons of jobs on the website for work in edmonton and north, check er out


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        My cat has worms!


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          They have pills for your cat's worms. As for jerems I would hand em my hot lead, pause by the welder to max the heat setting and go on to the next project.


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            Finally, the truth is out about us welders.

            Originally posted by jerems View Post
            Welding is a simple trade that 99% of human biengs could do with about 12 months of training. It doesn't take a rocket scientist's brain to weld. Anyone with a 70 IQ or better can weld - and weld RIGHT. Get over yourselves you proud a-holes! You're JUST a weldor!
            I love this guy I myself am just a stupid, lazy, no good welder. If we are '' a dime a dozen'' then that must be why I only make a dallor a minute. Have a wonderful day.
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