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which would be better old style analog 250 or digital display millermatic 251/252?

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  • which would be better old style analog 250 or digital display millermatic 251/252?

    I am trying to decide on what would be better long term for durability an older style miller matic 250 with analog dials or an newer stye digital display miller matic 251 or 252 mig welder? A friend of mine just bought an older style millermatic 210 over the new 212 because he thought that the circuit board repairs would be expensive when the welder gets some rough treatment over the years.
    any feedback on the pros and cons of old school versus new style 250 series welders would be appreciated.
    thank you for your consideration

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    The MM250 has a history of problems. It was replaced with the MM250X and soon thereafter the MM251. Unless you find a good MM200 (also a 250A machine) or a MM Vintage, than get the MM251 or MM252.
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      yep, what he said. as for the 210VS the 212 probly not much diference there. the 212 is prity much a cosmetic change. the 251's are solid welders well able to stand the test of time even with the digital disply, no reason to shy away from one. now if you can find an old MM200, jump on it. not that the 251 is bad, just that the old MM200 were and are well spoken of and will likely save you a few $'s and still be a great welder.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
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        We have a 251 and an a real old 200, both work great. I guess the predesser of the 210. No probs with the digital 251. had it maybe 2-3 yrs I think
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          Sometimes you can't go by the model number. The older MM200 is a 250A-class machine. The MM210 is a 210A-class machine; its predescessor was the MM185, IIRC.


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            At tech school, we had new 251's. As these kids abused them for the 2 years I was there, they handled very well. That's why I got mine. My friend has a 250 and it works just fine. I'm spoiled by the 251 'cause of the digital readout. When I switch from different thicknesses of metal, I got my log book the exact number of volts and wire speed I was at, instead of guessing how much I was in between the 5 and 6 on the dial
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              I use to own a MM 251, and I am stuck with a MM 250 at work. As far as I am concerned, the MM 250 is very poor performing unit, and I 'd never own one, I wouldn't even take one for free, that's how much I dislike it.

              The 251/252 on the other hand is a real nice unit. The only reason i decided to get rid of mine, was because I was being real picky and looking for certain arc and weld puddle wet out characteristics on 1/8" - 1/4". The 251 does have a nice arc, it's just a little to soft for me though. Weld puddle wet out is real good too. However the puddle is a little wetter then I like. I found much closer to what I was looking for, in an ESAB Migmaster 250.

              Would I have been fine staying with the 251. The answer to this would have been yes, because as I stated it really is a nice unit.