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Project for new welders (cash maker)

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    Hot water services get stolen in my area.

    Some builders install them with a cage around them that is dyna bolted to the wall without the nut welded or deformed. They just unbolt that too.

    Thieves get extra money when they sell the unit with the cage.

    Cant believe people/builders so dumb. DEFORM THE NUTS.

    Sawzall theft in Australia has not taken off yet, but im sure it will soon.
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      Great idea - Thanks for sharing!

      I like that idea. I have a brother that owned 3 houses in Detroit. While they were vacant, theives broke in and gutted the entire house, especially the copper. This was devastating for my brother as he lived in AZ at the time. A gate like this may have deterred the thieves from robbing his houses.

      A couple improvements I would make to this is to put one more rail from side to side in the center so they cant just bend the bars and squeeze through. Also, if there are not flanges to bolt to the floor, add them. I could see thieves making a few cuts, but if they have to do a lot of work (like one of the previous posts stated) then they'll just walk away.

      Excellent work and keep the ideas coming!

      Thanks for sharing,
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