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Man it's nice to see action on this board!!

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  • Man it's nice to see action on this board!!

    Don't know if it's due to the Miller giveaway or what, but it sure is good to see all the new members and posts.

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    yea Manny I love these forums Miller is the Best !


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      What I'm really glad to see is we're finally back to talking about, and showing off projects.
      And yes, I'm sure the giveaway didn't hurt.
      Thanks Miller!


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        I just recently found out about this board from the last issue of Powerclick. This forum must not be very old becouse I noticed on the member list almost every one is a junior member. In time I think this site will be very active.
        To all who contribute to this board.
        My sincere thanks , Pete.

        Pureox OA
        Westinghouse 300 amp AC stick
        Miller Syncrowave 250
        Hexacon 250 watt solder iron


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          Hi guys! Welcome to the Miller forum...Dream it Weld it! Stick around there are some very knowledgeable folks in here. This is fairly new but I think it will continue to grow as the Miller name is the biggest in the world when it comes to welders and the pro welders follow the pro name. (imo) Pour up a cup of coffee and enjoy the forum. If you have questions feel free to ask because someone will answer.
          Regards, Farris
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