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    SinGear - Yes, it did deeply offend me. I have worked very closely with the physically and mentally challenged over the years and don't find any reference to their challenges in the least bit funny. They are people that deserve and earn their respect the same as the rest of us. You won't find a more giving group of people on this earth. Their sole goal in life is to be accepted and to make everyone proud of them and their accomplishments.

    Having lived my entire life with a physical impairment that makes me different than "normal" people, I'm particularly sensitive to statements such as the one posted. I didn't let it stop me from doing what I wanted and had a very successful career in spite of it.

    Unfortunately it is common in our society to demean persons who are different even in a small way. Even though a person with a difference may smile and brush off a joke about their condition, my experience has been that inside, it injures them. I hope in the future you will think about this before posting such a comment.

    Your apology is accepted and I hope this issue has been put to rest.

    Thank you.