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    Originally posted by cat View Post
    home depot sells 64 1/2", 14 or 24 tpi. i think the cost is around $10.00. fyi.
    I forgot about those as my HD never seems to have any so I just quit looking.

    I think they are Rigid brand and have received decent reviews.
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      do you have a pic of your new saw
      and grizzly sells bi metal blades


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        I guess 24 tpi would be the size for 1/8 inch material then huh. I guess that will be what I cut the most.

        Are you saying if I cut 1/4 I need 12 tpi or 1/2 I should use 6 tpi?
        That would be for the min. 3 teeth on the material at all times. Of course with this there are times where only two teeth will be in contact.

        I like to go a bit finer in general. Like 12 tpi would be fine for 1/2", and 16 or even 24 is ok for 1/4".

        It depends on the material also, and blade/feed speeds are also a factor.

        Of course for some materials a lube is desirable. There are a lot of variables.
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          Originally posted by BC Iron works View Post
          do you have a pic of your new saw
          and grizzly sells bi metal blades
          If you're talkin to me here's a link to it.

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            I bought a machine similar to that years ago when I had to cut a bunch of pieces of 1" sq. CRS and all I had was a manual hacksaw.

            After working up a sweat on the first piece I said "The heck with this!" and bought a used (like new condition) saw for a really good price.

            The saw cut the material in no time at all (I think it took about 1/50th the time it took me manually) while I worked on something else.


            One thing about my saw- it is an import, and the casting wasn't relieved enough to tension the blade fully so when in use the blade would slip off the wheel.
            The guy I bought it from thought he was ripping me off (that the saw was no good) so I got it for about 20% new price and it hadn't been used at all due to the problem.
            I got it home, ground a slight bit more relief with an angle grinder (2 min.) and the saw works perfectly!
            "If you build it, they will come!"