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    Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
    ok, I gotta ask how you just found these at work
    Well lt's just say I am not one to sit around. Working a swing shift with 12 hours shifts on nights can get pretty boring!!!! There are not to many things I do not know where to find, but these portable welders have eluded me. Now that i know the exist I can put them to good use

    I work in a Power house. There are weldeing machines everywhere, just the tig are not portable units, ussually....Until I hit the mother load tonite. Now that I know where they are all I have to do is ask the on of the welders to unlock the door for me. They are more than helpfull in the machine shop or anywhere for that matter when it comes to a G job.

    I am glad my boat is all fixed and I am happy to pay the $. By the sounds of it I would not have learned to tig it in time anyway. Lie I said in a previous Post, I have adesire to learn so next time I can do it my self. I am sure this will not be my last boat, and for the price you can buy stuff that has a little abuse is crazy. The more resources you have the better off you are right?
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      Where do can you find someone to tig for $40 or $80? I wouldn't think about it for less than $200!!
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        well here are the pics, I am very very happy


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          Boat Repair

          Sorry guys, but its not rocket science.

          Here is my 'Thin Hull' with a new transom plate welded on and crossbrace ... all done with a wire spool gun .... MIG. No holes.
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            Originally posted by 2001rotax800 View Post
            well here are the pics, I am very very happy
            Cool jon boat. It looks like you could use it as an icebreaker.


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              Boat looks good. I owned both jon boat and v hull boats and I think v is better.
              Try to make it V bottom.
              BTW here is a good infographics on this topic