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One of this week's projects: Ghost Rider

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  • One of this week's projects: Ghost Rider

    One of the guy's I work with, and the dude who taught me how to weld, is turning 40 this month. I made this for him as a gift, it was actually his idea

    There are more pics here:


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    Nice gift. He will love it. Looks like it was tough to make.

    Miller Dynasty 200DX SOLD
    WeldTec Water Cooler SOLD
    Miller Millermatic 180 w/ Spoolmate 100
    20Ton press
    And lots of Cut-off and grinding wheels


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      I like it!

      Hey, that looks like me!

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        Originally posted by Bodybagger View Post
        Hey, that looks like me!
        Ha! You must be one handsome dude then

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          That's really cool!

          I love the "metal city" backdrop in the first pic too!