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not much to do with welding but...

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  • not much to do with welding but...

    If you guys remember a while back I was given a Toyota pick up truck that I posted with a new flatbed installed on it. Well the same guy asked me if I wanted his moms Honda Prelude. The clutch cylinder went out and she had it towed to the honda dealer. Instead of fixing it she drove off with a brand new honda. Anyways the tow bill needed to be paid and I could have the car. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and did some body work and a paint job, It still needs the clutch cylinder and the sunroof is rotted out real bad and I have been having trouble finding an affordable one. Anyways, one of the kids that works for my brother has been hounding me for the car, but he doesn't have much money. He came to me yesterday and offered a trade for his 90 Toyota corolla and his 86 Honda shadow, the shadow was wrecked and is very repairable, no frame damage just the forks and triple tree is damaged. My question is does anyone have a good source for used bike parts so I can get this put back together and ride it around with for sale signs on it. The first pic is the prelude when I got it the second pic is how it looks now and the rest are the honda shadow. Also I'd like some input wether I did a good or bad trade. Dave
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    nice job on the body work. as for the bike my g-pas got a shadow but dont think hes gonna sell it any time soon cause his runs fairly good just the choke needs to be adjusted. what parts do u need?
    welding...its awsome


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      i dont know what the blue book value is but i would think you should be able to get a fair $ out of the shadow and toyota. the only problem is now you have 2 more project insted of one verry nice ready to sell honda. i guess if you can work in the time to do the fix up you should come out ok but the honda was a quick fix and sell, how much work is involved in the toyota?? the bike will take a bit but not much..
      if you feel good about the trade, you did good. thats the best scale to go by.
      realy nice job on the honda, cool paint job too. i can see why the kid was bugging you for it. verry hip & in, for an old guy to whip up.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        86' four speed tranny. good bike to rebuild IMO. (:
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