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I Need Ideas for Dump Box Design!

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  • I Need Ideas for Dump Box Design!

    I have a custom built flatbed on my truck, lately I have been tossing the idea of adding a dump feature to it. I have seen scissor type and hydraulic piston in the front. Does anybody have a good design they can share? I have an old Fisher plow for parts to cover the hydraulic motor.

    ANY help welcome!

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      Nice One!
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        Originally posted by BBchevy396 View Post

        Love big, huge, heavy equipment!!!GRRRRRRR
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          I did welding repairs on haulers similar to that in 1987. They were WABCO's (Westinghouse Air Brake), a 170 ton haul pack.
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            For The Love of GOD!!!!!!!!!

            Isn't there anybody that can give me a real answer?

            I just want to make a dump box for a 1/4 tonne Toyota pick-up! I built a flatbed for it and threw the box away. I know I can get a huge cylinder and hook it up front, but I can't figure out how to make one with a small cylinder in the middle with a scissor type lift.
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              Go have a look at one.

              I have only built full-sized dump boxes with the hoist on the front. If I was going to build one like you want, I'd look at some that exist.
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                If you have not already do so, try running a search on projects. There are several threads on dump trailers and converting truck beds to dump.
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                  Do a google search on trailer frame blue prints or do it your self instructions. I have seen some for dump trailers that include specs and suppliers for scissor dump systems. I'm sorry I don't have specifics but I have looked at these several times over the years. Good Luck, JEFF
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                    I think i might be able to help. I built these for a company a couple years ago. I have really good pics but as far as i can tell they are too large to post here. I think this is the type of desing you are looking for.
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                      I have designed and built two, I scaled down from existing lifts. In the end it would be so much cheaper to find one used and modify it.

                      Take a good look at the pics both show the cylinder pushing to the rear of the truck. Not shown is that the lift point is about 1/3 back from the front of the bed.

                      Biggest mistake is to under size the hinge at the rear. Next would having it lift to high, you don't want it to open much past 85* or less on a short wheelbase truck, especially on a truck with a small(light) motor. Danger of tipping the truck over backwards.

                      All the info you need is in the pics posted above.

                      Oh and if the frame on the dump bed is not ridged enough and you go to lift an uneven load (say very heavy in the left front and light in the right rear) then the dump box twists and the whole thing rips apart at the hinge at the rear, or at the connection of the lift to the frame rails. Then you end up with the load and the truck tipped over sideways.

                      Last bit O caution using the wrong cylinder (undersized) and the cylinder rod bends about half way up then comes crashing back putting a huge hole in the gas tank.

                      Last one (homemade) dump bed trailer I fixed netted me about $9000.00 they make great winter projects.

                      Good Luck be safe have fun.


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                        Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

                        That was exactly the type of dump I was looking for! I was wondering if you have the specs for it?
                        Measurements, cylinder size, pump size?
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                          these were mounted on gm 5500 4x4 landscaping trucks ...if i had all the exact specs (which i probably dont) i'm not sure that they would help you all that much because you said you're workin on a 1/4 ton have to scale it down a bit..cylinder and pump size depending on the size and weight of your finished box. It can be tricky to find the exact place to mount the scissor...i can send you some more pics if you want..i dont think i can resize them on this old computer and they are too big to post here. i could estimate some measurements if you think it would you have any pictures of the truck as it sits now?
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                            I'd love to get some more pictures and a rough guess on the sizes so I can scale it down.

                            I sent you my e-mail to send it to.

                            Thanks again!
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                              Originally posted by pfitz View Post
                              Isn't there anybody that can give me a real answer?
                              You mean like this link

                              That was in the OTHER thread about Dump beds
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