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    Hi, I`ve got a question. I have a Miller thunderbolt AC/DC. Can I tig with it and what do I need to do it? Torch,Gas???? And does it work? I would like to learn to tig then maybe buy a dedicated machine if I see that I will use it. Also what torch would be good for this application thanks.

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    Does the thunderbolt have DC-?

    You need argon, a dry rig and a few other things. Run your argon to your dry rig, connect your dry rig to your thunderbolt. Set your machine to DC- and turn the amps down a bit. I know this is rough but it gives you a general idea.
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      Yes it can be done, but it is rough. I did it with mine. Your torch will need a gas valve. All you need is the torch, argon and the Tbolt. Scratch start is all you have and DC only unless you rig in a Hi Freq unit somehow. It will let you get a little practice, though.....although you would learn more with a real TIG unit. I was learning more with my TB than the Tbolt. Well, I did almost perfect tungsten prep with the Tbolt. You learn how to contaminate them very well with the Tbolt.

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        That does sound pretty rough.
        Measure twice, cut once.


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          THanks guys, I maybe better to wait, me wants an engine drive anyways. I would be money ahead.