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Welding a new blade on bobcat bucket

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  • Welding a new blade on bobcat bucket

    Hi All! i have a question about welding a new blade onto a standard bobcat bucket, what kind of rod would work best? im not sure of the matl, but the guy that called me about this said the current blade is welded on also.....and ofcourse I will have to do the removing also!! just looking for some rough ideas, thanks!
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    Hey I work for an equipment rental place and repair buckets all the time 7018 works well for me Make sure you do good prep work [clean metal no slag etc.]When I replace the blade I also replace wear bars on the bottom of the bucket Heck most of the time I cut out the blade and the whole bottom and replace with all new stuff BLADE COSTS 250.00 FOR 60 INCH BUCKET easy project have fun DEAN


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      What kind of machine do you have? 7018 will work fine for stick or if you have a mig you can use several types of wire. I use esab 7100 ultra or lincoln 71m, both are dual shield wires. Pre heat the new edge slightly. I usually preheat to about 200/250 deg. but I have also done them with no preheat with out any problems.
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