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Trailer Repair - Completed Job

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  • Trailer Repair - Completed Job

    Guy insisted on paying me back with free yard work, which included: lawn mowing, sod laying and hedge trimming. Attached is a picture of the completed freshly painted trailer, a picture of the trailer in use and a third picture of my newly trimmed bushes and the newly laid sod.

    Several of Guy’s customers noticed the new improved trailer and commented about it to Guy. I was glad that I was able to use my welding skills to help someone in need. Given the choice I’d rather weld then do yard work.
    Attached Files
    Miller Thunderbolt
    Smith Oxyacetylene Torch
    Miller Dynasty 200DX
    Lincoln SP-250 MIG Welder
    Lincoln LE 31 MP
    Lincoln 210 MP
    Clausing/Coldchester 15" Lathe
    16" DuAll Saw
    15" Drill Press
    7" x 9" Swivel Head Horizontal Band Saw
    20 Ton Arbor Press

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    pay it forward

    Looks great. "All's well that ends well."

    Thanks for sharing and posting all the pictures.
    Maxstar 200DX
    Maxstar 300DX
    Dynasty 200DX
    Spectrum 701
    LMSW-52 spot welder


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      looks like his bumper is scratching the ground HAHA
      MM 211 W/ Spoolgun
      Diversion 180
      Spectrum 375 X-TREME
      Portable Victor O/A
      Palmgren Bench Drill Press
      14" Evolution Dry Saw
      IR 60 Gal. 3 HP Compressor
      Speedglas 9100x
      My Brain