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  • Pipewelding

    Hey yall,
    I have been curious about the dangers involved with pipe welding I know the money for it out west is getting up 50 plus is that so high because of danger pay because other regular welding jobs are 35 to 40? Also the girlfriend has been telling me that I'm going to become an old man who will spit up black stuff from my lungs I have been telling her that if you have proper ventilation and safety gear you will be pretty much safe am I right? I know you always breath in smoke but I think that I'm going to die from something before that effects me please enlighten me
    Thanks for reading I hope my post helped


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    Hey young one ,
    My new job I just started over a month ago has me working at the Chevron refinery. the pipe weldors over here weld all new pipe that replaces the old stuff. so just to let you know, lot of it is NOT dealing with nasty stuff!!! Watching them prep and weld makes me feel more dysfunctional!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      Hi Ryan;

      The Rate of pay has nothing to do with risk, (any welding is dangerous) it's all about the skill level required.

      To weld pipe effectively, you must be able to weld in all positions and sometimes in the most uncomfortable locations.

      I've been working with stainless pipe and tube for 15 years now and still worry about getting it through the X-ray!!!

      Try it for yourself, set up a 2" but in the vice on the bench at a 45 degree angle and give it a go, but don't loose heart if you don't get it right first time. If you do I'll give you a job!!