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  • This weekends project

    This trailer was brought to me just to fix up where this guys Dad had welded the fish plates on there were kind'a rough looking so he asked if i could fix them up, ya no problem i said bring me the trailer and i will fix up the plates.

    so he shows up on friday night with the trailer and a whole bunch of material on top of it, guess what now he wants a rail all round and tailgate on it too.

    really screws up a weekend plan for time.

    669 JPG is one of it showing up.

    678 JPG is one of the finshed pictures with my oldest girl in the corner

    the rest are pictures of it leaving THANK GOD

    Attached Files
    2007 Trailblazer 302G
    2004 Invision 354MP
    1999 60 series feeder
    2005 Maxstar 200DX
    2007 CST280
    1999 HF 251-1
    older Hobart hefty wire feeder
    Hyperthrem 600
    Maxstar 150S(such a cute welder)
    had and sold........
    2003 XMT 304CC/CV
    1947 Lincoln SA200G short hood
    1963 Lincoln SA200G
    1975 Lincoln SA200G(best machine ever had )
    1970's Lincoln SAE400G
    2 Maxstar's 200DX's
    1 Maxstar 200SD
    CST 280
    2 CST 250


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    Nice work Railmen,

    I never complain too much about jobs like this, they keep me from going out and spending money, and I always feel good about a job well done..