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last weekends Alum project!

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  • last weekends Alum project!

    Here is a couple of picture's what i built last weekend for a guy.

    it a wing on the back of a dump wagon on his dump truck.

    it helps with getting all the matereial in the box when being loaded with a large loader.

    I used me Trailblazer and my good old 3545 spool gun on this one.

    663 JPG is one of my make shift welder trailer that is what you are left with after your wife leaves you and takes half of your stuff.

    664 JPG is the side view of it..

    666 JPG is looking at it from up on the side of the box..

    667 JPG is showing the uphand corner weld.

    Attached Files
    2007 Trailblazer 302G
    2004 Invision 354MP
    1999 60 series feeder
    2005 Maxstar 200DX
    2007 CST280
    1999 HF 251-1
    older Hobart hefty wire feeder
    Hyperthrem 600
    Maxstar 150S(such a cute welder)
    had and sold........
    2003 XMT 304CC/CV
    1947 Lincoln SA200G short hood
    1963 Lincoln SA200G
    1975 Lincoln SA200G(best machine ever had )
    1970's Lincoln SAE400G
    2 Maxstar's 200DX's
    1 Maxstar 200SD
    CST 280
    2 CST 250


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    Looks good!

    Sorry to here about your wife... I mean ex wife.
    at home:
    2012 325 Trailblazer EFI with Excel power
    2007 302 Trailblazer with the Robin SOLD
    2008 Suitcase 12RC
    Spoolmatic 30A
    2009 Dynasty 200DX
    2000 XMT 304
    2008 Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52
    Sold:MM 251
    Sold:CST 280

    at work:
    Invision 350MP
    Dynasty 350
    Millermatic 350P
    Retired:Shopmaster 300 with a HF-251