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    Hey welders, I'm looking a good used Miller Trailblazer. Accessories for Tig is a real plus! Stick welding leads are a plus also! My main problem finding one so far has been "SCAMS"!!!!!!! I've seen pictures of the same welder for the last three months in eight different cities and have had responses from from four different people on the same sale. They even have the same story until I kinda fed them a little bait and they caught on.
    So please, I figured that I wouldn't get crooked sales from here. I live in New Bern, N.C. and if the machine is too far away, it's not financially pleasing to buy due to gas prices!
    Help !!!! Please?
    Welding Junkie! Love this stuff. Love to hear from the Pros.

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    You might start watching
    Sometimes there are welders on the very bottom of thier auction list.
    I bought a Cat skid steer through them a couple of years ago with no prob.


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      Go on in your area, look in the tools for sale section, i found my Trailblazer there, 10 miles from my house, had 1 hour on it in perfect condition. Be patient and keep looking, you can also put a wanted ad for what you are looking for on craigs list for free. Good luck.


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        Thank You, If I could only be that lucky. The only thing I have been to find is the same welder trying to be sold in 8 different cities now and there's not even one there.
        Welding Junkie! Love this stuff. Love to hear from the Pros.


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          Here is a link to a couple of "fixer uppers" in your state.
          But they are red not blue.

          One is a Lincoln Ranger with a bad motor.