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  • Small Trailer Ideas

    I am looking to build a small trailer about the size of a motorcycle trailer. I was wondering if anybody here has built such a trailer and might have pictures. I am just looking for ideas right now. This trailer would be used to haul a couple 80 cu ft bottles of gas, a Dynasty 200, and one or 2 small mig welders and all the associated stuff to go with. The reason for being small is my tow vehicle is a VW Jetta, I know this is an odd combination but it works for the work I am planning on doing.

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    Good pics to look at.

    I would check to see what a new trailer costs also- the material to build one sometimes costs more than buying a trailer.
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      small trailer

      I just finished a trailer built from an S-10 pickup bed. I built/used these for years...advantages of a pickup without the truck.


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        Here you go. I thought I would post up some pics. This is a trailer that I made to get sport bikes to and from the track. Not really to hard to make and it turned out and pulled great.


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          Nice Trailer

          Good looking, I presume you use ramps for the cycles.

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            Thanks! Yeah we use ramps to get the bikes onto the trailer.


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              Miller Brad, I see one design flaw in your trailer that needs some attention.

              Your tongue rail should go back to your second crossmember instead of the first as you have it. Also your diagonals should also go back under the frame as far as the second cross as well. All of the tongue weight forces are on the edge of the front crossmember and will end up bending, kinking or just ripping the tube itself with all of the stress that is being put on it.

              Is that a Tor-flex axle on it or is the axle mounted with out springs?

              Don't mean to sound critical but building trailers is how I make my living and would rather see you address the problem now instead of when it is too late.
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                Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
                Is that a Tor-flex axle on it or is the axle mounted with out springs?
                3500# torflex axle. I appreciate the input.


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                  Miller Brad, That is one fine looking trailer but I concur with dabar 39 on the tongue issue as I've seen the very thing he described happen on a very similarly sized trailer first time out. On that unit the front crossbember was 4" channel and the tongue rolled up to about a 7 degree angle. Solution? The tongue was extended back to the next x-member and the diagonals rearward to the side rails. Result? Rock solid fix. BTW, I wasn't the one that built it.

                  Beautiful color too! I ssume it matches the bikes?
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                    Thanks man. It matches the bike of the owner of the trailer, as seen on the far side of this pic. His bike is the Repsol mine is the red one on the other side of his.

                    BTW: When I say I appreciate the input I really do mean that. If there is a flaw in the design it needs to be rectified.

                    Didn't mean to hi-jack your thread Dan. Sorry if we got off topic!


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                      nice trailer

                      I built a 4' x 6 1/2' utility trailer a couple years ago when I was going through a divorce. I used a 2000# rated torsion axle from Northern Tool. Most of the frame was 1/8" 2" x 2" angle, except the two main rails had 3/16" stock. I sold it for about half what it cost me to build. The trailer turned out ok and the divorce was good.
                      Stay away from pickup rear ends if you are looking to build something light and easy to tow.


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                        I have built several solid axel trailers using Chrysler K car rear stub axels. They are very easy to use as the bolt on using a flat flange. IMHO small trailers dont need suspension. Built frame of 1.5x3" 1/8 wall tube, doubled the tube where axel welded and inset a backing bar tangent to a frame rail. Hauled 500lb moto many thousands of miles. Cost for axels with brake assemblys (which I removed) and low mileage radial tires and wheels 100 bucks. Cost of entire unit was around 200. Loaded as much as 2000lbs for short local moves.