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Need ideas for welding table

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    Also another angle. I like a short table, 18" to 24" with a short stool. This way you can set with your feet on the floor and can reach taller projects on the table. A friend has his this way and I guess I just got use to it. He also used the heavy grating on his table instead of sheet stock.


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      Pictures....Bout time hu!!

      Here are some pics of my table...not great ones but they are what i have...the shelf with the toolbox on it isnt in place now but it fits right up under the top and i am still working on a design to lock the foldup extensions in place. also the lifting plates are non existant as of this you can tell by all the crap on the table it is in use instead up under construction. the other pics here are of a concrete form i am building for my company. i am building two of them. they are 2X2X6 and they are poured on their side an the block is tipped up after it cures. the two L shaped halves of the forms fit together with the two tabs on each end and then wedges are pounded in to lock the form together. we have two of these forms already and i am building two more. the blocks made in the forms are made from extra concrete brought back from jobs. the blocks stack and lock together. i will keep you posted on the progress of these with pics and explaination. once they are done they will be easier to understand.

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      Hobart 135 (set up for gas)
      Victor torch
      DeWalt chop saw
      Syncrowave 200
      Spectrum 375
      Millermatic 210 or 251 (preferably the 251 )