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My tallest welding project ever.

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    Originally posted by Craig in Denver View Post
    C Wagner: thank you, I slept right through that, Craig
    Craig, total building time was about a week. The hasle was to clean the rod slag of so many spot welds, and to paint the hole thing, which took four more days. I´ve been told that inmersion painting is done by profesional builders of this type of structures, but to bath one side, each at a time would have taken more paint than is was willing to pay for and, even then, internal crosmembers would have required to be painted manually. I was wondering if there is another option to manual or bath painting, perhaps some kind of mobile spray painting tunnel?

    One thing I forgot to mention was the anchors. There are 8 anchors, the inner ones are made from 2" rolled steel angle, reinforced at the tops for hammering. The outer ones are made from 2" scrap tubing I had at hand, all the anchors are 3 feet long. All the anchors are secured by a 4 feet long wood log (used on fences), the logs are buried 4 feet deep and 4 feet far from the anchors. I made 4 tensors for the outside wires, 3.5 feet long, in that way we were able to do the final adjustments of the wires without removing the clamps due to the extra margin of regulation they provide.



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