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    Jeez, I can't believe I didn't make the connection. DW, DeWalt, duh.


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      Could also stand for dim witt.............

      sorrry man ....couldn't resist ok, you owe me one
      Miller 252 Mig
      Miller Cricket XL
      Millermatic 150 Mig
      Miller Syncrowave 200 Tig
      2-O/A outfits
      Jet Lathe and Mill
      Jet 7x12 horz/vert band saw
      DeWalt Multi Cutter metal saw
      Century 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
      20 ton electric/hydraulic vertical press
      Propane Forge
      60" X 60" router/plasma table
      Vist my site:
      and check out some of my ironwork and other stuff


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        Funny Monte, now go play with your flying machine.


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          Ellis band saw.....I went to high school for a year or too


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            WOW, Thanks for the great info!

            Thank you all for the great info! I was on the fence but I think I will go with the band saw. I got chills when I read about your cold cut blades and a bunch of High School kids... And theit teacher!!! Things have to be very tough, and maybe then they will last!



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              OH and Thanks

              for the offer WyoRoy... If I make it over to Gillette before I place the order I might pick your brain a little!


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                Originally posted by hellowyo View Post
                for the offer WyoRoy... If I make it over to Gillette before I place the order I might pick your brain a little!
                I'll post you a Private Message with contact information. I'm always available during the day as I head to work at 22:30 every night. BTW, I've scrounged bits and pieces from the scrap yard...Pacific Steel...for the local high school shop...last was a 3 ton Tale chain fall hoist.
                Miller 251...sold the spoolgun to DiverBill.
                Miller DialArc 250
                Lincoln PrecisionTig 275
                Hypertherm 900 plasma cutter
                Bridgeport "J" head mill...tooled up
                Jet 14 X 40 lathe...ditto
                South Bend 9" lathe...yeah, got the change gears too
                Logan 7" shaper
                Ellis 3000 band saw
                Hossfeld bender w/shopbuilt hyd.
                Victor Journeyman torch and gauges
                3 Gerstner boxes of mostly Starrett tools
                Lots of dust bunnies
                Too small of a shop at 40 X 59.


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                  Hey just new here myself, on the forum

                  hellowyo, ya just wanted to say another brand of saw that I have worked with is the HYd-Mech, there are many versions sizes what have you. Good Luck. theweldinfarminartist

                  =hellowyo;155622]Hello Everyone!

                  I am a High School welding teacher, and I need to get a saw for my school shop. We have a chop saw, so I am looking at cold cut or band saws. I want it to cut angles easily. I am leaning toward band saws as they seem to be a little cheaper. I probably have up to $4500 to spend, but hopefully not quite that much. I want it to be accurate, Easy to use, and TOUGH! (They kids can destroy the best of things!) I also would like it to cut 6" box tube or so...

                  I have been looking at Wilton and Balieh saws, but do you have any words of wisdom?

                  Thanks Everyone! I enjoy reading your info very much![/QUOTE]