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Need Advice or info/plans on Manual Lift utility trailer?

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  • Need Advice or info/plans on Manual Lift utility trailer?

    Hello, i see alot of people post here about utility trailers. I saw a guy when i was at the garbage dump with a trailer like something in the pic below, except it wasn't an atv trailer and had a single axle. I can't find anything similar to what he had. Have any of you guys (Darbar) or someone ever built something like this, and if so what were the results? How much weight could/should you expect it to lift or dump? I like the idea of no hydraulic stuff to worry about, etc, plus my truck doesn't have trailer brakes, and rear power etc. I was thinking a 5x10 with 3-4 foot sides.

    So some questions would be?
    1) Would ALuminum be able to pick up between 1500-2000 pds?
    2) WHat kinda safety would it need to prevent it from crashing down etc?
    3) How high does the square tube need to be in front of the box etc?
    4) Does the winch need to mounted high like in the pic, or can it be installed on the toungue?

    6) if you've built something like this, whats your opinions of it?


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      You ask so many questions it is hard to decide which one needs answering the most!!!
      I feel like that is a rinky-dink set-up and may work ok for a little rig like that but when you move into a 5'x10' you are in an entirely different league.
      How would you like to snap that cable and get walloped just before you got scissored between the bed and the headache rack???
      And then how about how high it lifts compared to its width?? Easy to roll if not careful.
      I think it would be ok to use if you were the guy that made it but would NEVER loan it out!!
      And welded aluminum trailers are proven to be a POS everyday at my shop Just welded another one today. The only good aluminum trailers are way overbuilt and bolted together IMO
      I am sure you will get different opinions on all this besides mine but at least I answered
      BTW you may want to pick a easier/safer project to begin with...your questions sorta make it sound like you would be in over your head a little...hate to see you get hurt or hurt somebody
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        you might look into truck bed dump kits. lots of after market options that you could put onto a trailer instead.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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