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Check out these welds..critique

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    The pic is too blurry to be able to tell of those are ulgy but functional welds, or just plain ugly.

    Better pics and/or pressurize it and see what happens. I'd pressurize it to double your expected maximum boost pressure.

    squirt the welds with soapy water.


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      Better luck next time

      Beads way too big for that Im sure...practice practice practice


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        Those are not pinholes, they are bleed-off orifices.

        I think.


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          Forgot to add the smilie


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            Gotta start somewhere, I get that...But why on that?

            I'd be working on coupons till I got a decent bead and then move to the actual piece!


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              Dont worry, you will get it eventually. Even these grumpy guys here had to start at the bottom for them to be able to cast stones.
              If you want peace, be prepared for war!


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                That's about how it looked the first few times i tried TIG welding aluminum Even if they hold the looks of those welds really kill what was probably a pretty expensive bonnet to get in the first place. When i was at that stage i would have paid some one else to do it for me instead of practicing on the permanent part. Because once he gets better at TIG'ing AL he will want to buy another because he wouldn't want anyone to see that those were his welds, at least i would.

                But if you're like me and believe form follows function then you should be alright to run out at high boost for cracks though.
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                  I too started at the bottom, maybe if he didn't polish it your eyes wouldn't be drawn to the welds so much? paint the first few attemps flat black... keep practicing

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