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    I bought a Vivitar 2.1 mega pixel digital camera about three years ago for around $150.00 , it has been dropped, kicked , taken four wheeling , and has taken more abuse than I can discribe and it still works great . I got a set of Ni-MH batteries and a charger with it , that have worked fine . One thing you should make sure you can get a A/C adapter for it before you buy it ,so when you are in the shop you can run it without worring about the batteries .
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      Go to this website:

      they review all digital cameras in great detail. I chose my Nikon D70 because of them, and I love it! Wouldn't trade it for anything.
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        I never go out without my Canon 2mp Digital Elph, bought on ebay. For serious stuff a Fiji S2PRO and for backup a film camera, Nikon f80.
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          [QUOTE=Amos F.;896]

          If I was you I would go to google and search digital camera and go to one of the review sites that gives you a comparison and compare the s2 is and it will give you a lot of comparisons to look at and then search for best price from there. I bought mine online and probably saved about $200 dollars by doing so.
          ONE MORE THING!!!! When you have a camera picked out go find it in a store where you can get your hands on it. Is the zoom control in the right spot? The shutter button? The on off button? The review button? Does the viewfinder seem to fit you?

          After you go to the local store and touch their camera and play with it and possibly waste their time, where do you buy the camera? By reading your post I am assuming you would go back online and buy your camera; suggesting to everyone else that is the way to save money. You may save money but this is not an ethical way to do it. How about this? Next time you need to purchase something but you want to go to the store first to touch and feel; try telling that salesperson what you are doing and see how much help you will get. If you are just going to the store that has a large display, open to the public and are not picking the brain and wasting the time of the sales person; then I see nothing wrong with your idea. Just because many big box stores' sales people are not on commission doesn't mean that a sales person can school you in photography while they are being paid by the store.
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            I use a Nikon F4 I got from Wal-mart for $139. It has 3x optical zoom.
            4MP. You get a 1GB SD card for $20. It take good pics. My sister has a Kodak Z612 ( they also make a 712) Under $200 and has 10x zoom. It takes great pics. I would say almost any name brand camera you buy will take nice pic's, you just need to learn your camera. That's the great thing with digitals, take a pile of pics ,keep the ones you like and erase the card and start over.


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              I got my first digital camera back in the 80's and have been using them ever since. For good fotos of your work to be posted to a website you need about 3 MP. You can go beyond that and as you do the pics get larger. What you want to be able to do is take a pic, post it as a thumbnail about 2" x 2" or less and be able to click on it to expand to about 5x7 or 8x10 if you want. 3-5 Mega Pixels will work fine. Lots of good cameras at a fair price point.

              I use a Nokia cell fone with a camera built in. It gives me 5 MP and has lots of features that most cameras have. It also keeps me from hauling around a camera and a fone.

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