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    I need a digital camera to post pictures of my shops here and on other sites. I have been looking at a Canon S2 and wonder what other members think of this camera or have other ideas. Would really like a zoom as we have elk lurking around our area and I would like to shot one (with the camera). I never thought that I would have a shop that I didn't have to share with the vehicles let alone 2 shops. I remodeled a old house on my place for my woodworking shop and then build a 40 x 64 with 14ft sides for the antique tractors, cars, truck, welding, and general place to pital.

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    Sounds like a nice place , hope to see some pictures soon. I have an Olimpus Stilus 410. It was relatively cheap and does a good job. Its a 4 megapixle and I can crop picture down a lot befor I get any distortion.
    To all who contribute to this board.
    My sincere thanks , Pete.

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      I use a ultra cheap model from Target that cost $20. If I drop it or drop something on it the loss is slight compared to the risk on an expensive model. Besides for web purposes all you need is low resolution. A zoom model is helpful, but anything more is a waste in my shop.

      My .02,


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        I have a sony and have had it for well over 2 years with no problems
        I have some co-workers that have just got cameras for Christmas the past Christmas and they tell me that my camera takes better pictures than theirs
        and mine is a 3.2 mega pixal the new sony's are 4.1 mega pixal
        they go for $197.00 everyday at wal-mart and you can get them onsale
        some times for about $ 179.00 I love mine small compact and take it every where

        I will tell you this I have some friends that got a cheep price camera and got the HP howlet packerd and got just that a cheep camera and all of them have had problems with them.

        good luck


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          I doubt my experience will be too helpful. As a former professional photographer, I wasn't able to settle for a "good enough" digital camera. I maybe use half the features of mine in my current professions...

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          But the zoom is awesome, especially on the computer after shooting at 8.0 MPixels. And I have the 1.6X teleconverter, too, so it's like a 600mm telephoto (if it was a 35mm) when I need it.


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            10X Optical

            Mac, I've been wanting that camera or one similar to it for a while now. The next one I get will have the 10X optical or I won't get it *LOL* I'm not a professional but love to shot. I've got 2 Kodak's (215's) 2x optical zoom and for the way I like to shot isn't near enough but they have been great cameras..One of them has captured over 10,000 images and fired the flash over 6,000 times but it's starting to malfunction now..but I can't complain..The other one has captured 5,180 images and the flash has fired 3,079 times and it still works great. These cameras are probably around 5years old now.I also have an Olympus (cheaper camera compared to a lot of them out there now days)
            Camedia D-560 and it's been a real good little camera 3.2 megapixel,3x optical.
            Pitalplace, my suggestion to anyone getting ready to buy a digital camera is: READ anything about digital cameras you can find..Read all the reviews you can find on digital cameras and then pick out a few you think you might like and go from there as far as pricing, features, etc. A lot of people get Optical & Digital Zoom confused or don't know the difference. I don't pay any attention to digital zoom as that’s just digitally enhancing what’s already there..Where as optical actually brings the object into closer focus..Kind of like binoculars. One more thing, get you some RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES and a CHARGER that will save you a lot of money in the long run.
            You might want to try a cheaper camera something like aspjseaman is using then a few months later get something better.
            I'm not an expert, this is just my opinion..I'd say for serious questions ask Mac..he done messed up and told us he did it we know who to bother when we have problems *LOL*
            I wish you good luck on your camera purchase!
            Regards, Farris
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              I have a Canon SD550 7.1mp that I got at Christmas. Very compact and takes a great picture. If I was carrying one around all the time I think I would get a more inexpensive camera in case it was lost or dropped. You can get a decent 5.0mp camera at a fairly reasonable price now.


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                An offer to help....

                Originally posted by Pitalplace
                we have elk lurking around our area
                Be sure to let me know when you want some help thinning those pesky elk out.


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                  Mac, I to could not settle for "good enough". In the process of my search for a dig.(been a film/slide guy since '54) I had borrowed a couple of cameras, but could not get use to the view finder/display style of those things, so being a SLR user and Canon owner since '62(in country purchase), I opted for the Rebel XT. One fine camera, a bit pricey for just project flicks, however ya will never see an out of focus pic of your projects, that is if ya pay attention, as ya know whatcha see is whatcha get, LOL.
                  Just my 2¢
                  Good luck

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                    Two features that sold me on the Olympus Stylus are the solid metal cover that slides over the lens when its not in use and the fact that its water proof. I take it with me when I go fishing. Its also pretty small , so it fits easily in my shirt pocket.
                    To all who contribute to this board.
                    My sincere thanks , Pete.

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                      Whatever you decide to get.......wait two years and buy it a 1/3rd the current retail price on EBAY. I am currently using a Nikon CoolPix 5000.
                      Best Regard,
                      aka Neo

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                        I spent a lot of time looking for a digital and the one that started it all for me was the Canon s2 is. I have always used just one camera since I was 16 years old. I saved for a camera and I bought a Minolta X7A. I still have it and it takes awesome pictures period. Of course it helps nowing how to use it and having 20 + years with it. Batteries are an important thing in a digital. I have bought somewhere around 25 or 30 batteries for the X7A over the years and they are not a big expense. Some camera use a 'version' of a 'AA' battery and my brotherinlaw has one of these. It takes four 'AA's and he has a hard time getting 100 pictures if he is using the flash out of a charging. I bought a Kodak P850 and have been able to make over 200 pictures per charge very easily and have a spare battery for it(not'AA' style) I think it is called nickel hidried or something like that. We all went to EAA Oshkosh last year and my camera was just at the end of the second battery at the end of the day. I had a lot of pictures.
                        If I was you I would go to google and search digital camera and go to one of the review sites that gives you a comparison and compare the s2 is and it will give you a lot of comparisons to look at and then search for best price from there. I bought mine online and probably saved about $200 dollars by doing so.
                        ONE MORE THING!!!! When you have a camera picked out go find it in a store where you can get your hands on it. Is the zoom control in the right spot? The shutter button? The on off button? The review button? Does the viewfinder seem to fit you? I widh I felt I had the money to spend for the Canon SLR or Even the Fuji 9000 but maybe some other day.

                        Always remember that your camera is insured on your house insurance policy and if it gets smahed they will usually replace them. I bought a real nice Yashika because I thought that my Minolta was getting 'old' and I had it on the tracter with me while side dressir what I am doing, I am a farmer) and it fell out of the tool box on the fender and be the time I got the tracter stopped I had run over it. Believe me there was nothing salvageable. I forgot about it after a while (PS that was the second roll of film in the camera when it happened) and my insurance agent says I'll give you and example if you dropped your camera off the tracter and ran over it we would pay for it. Of course this was a few years after it happened and I said you think you could help me out. He said I doubt it but I'll ask. They gave me half what I paid for it because I only had parts of the body left, I through out the lense pieces when I was in the field that day. I couldn't belive my luck.
                        Sorry so long winded though I would give you all a laugh with my luck. Wish it was always that good with insurance companies.
                        Amos F.


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                          This is where I checked out my three digicams. I have the original C-200, one of the first HP camaras. It is 6 years old and still doing a great job as a point & shoot. I then bought an Olympus C720 refurbished, and it is a great camera as is the whole Olympus C7XX series. 8-10X zoom and SLR styling in a smaller package. My newest is the HP 945. I have heard a lot of HP bashing, but I currently own 2 cameras, 4 printers, 1 scanner, 1 PC (and another on order) and have had no problems with any of them. I sold my first HP ink jet to my son-in-law's sister 5 years ago and it is still doing great.
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                            Thanks for the information everyone. Amos, aware of side dressing, been there done that. My deductible is so high that if it's smashed, it's smashed. Think I am leaning to the S2 and have been watching E bay for the best buy
                            Anyway thanks everyone


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                              Pitalplace (and everyone else) that is probably the worst spelling, typing job I have ever done. Good thing you knew what I was talking about. I think you will really like the S2 IS. I felt it had the best placement of the most common operating controls. Understand abou the high insurance premiums!!! The camera incident was about 12 years ago.
                              Amos F