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welding inconel 718

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  • welding inconel 718

    Is there someone that has welded inconel 718? I have never and need advise on what process to use. What rods? etc....
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    I bet if you PM Engloid, he could steer you in the right direction.


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      We weld aircraft engine parts with Tig and EB. it needs special filler which is pricey. Each flavor 625 / 718 etc needs it's own filler.
      Keeping in mind I'm a NC programmer and a welder for fun, I've welded some 625 and it's easy. Nice clean welds. Company scrap bin provided some 625 sheet that I made into the flue flanges for my wood stove, they will NEVER burn out. (And my welds are holding up nicely) The stove parts worked so nicely I'm collecting bits and pieces to make barbarque burners.
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      Needed - a bigger shop to use the stuff


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        Heres about everything you would want to know.
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          welding inconel 718

          Thanks fellas, the website is very helpful.
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          Miller 350P


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            Just weld as if you are welding stainless, with the proper filler ofcourse (718) the puddle will be a little different but not alot as compared to stainless, be sure to use some argon behind the weld, if your going to get your weld x-rayed for a cert besure to file the edges to make sure there clean and scrub the rod with alcohol and scotchbrite and wipe with clean cloth.
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