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  • Looking for feedback: Resources available on

    I have a 2-part question. Any feedback is much appreciated!

    I'm looking at redoing our entire education area, and I'd like to know if it currently satisfies your needs, or if there's a wish list out there?

    Just thought I'd ask some experts what the most popular questions/FAQ are regarding welding? I'm redoing our tech tips within our resources area (MIG, TIG, Stick, Plasma) and we want to hit the top items that would be most helpful to welders when considering what kinds of topics to offer.

    Thanks much!!!

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    seems lil TIG and TIG aluminum are the most asked questions. some of the new inverter functions explained would be nice also.TIG seems to have gotten realy popular and its a tuff one to get right without some one to help ya.
    but i'll have a look at what ya have now you may already have it coverd.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      IIRC, the GTAW book is one of the few that is also online (not counting the small pamphlets.) Put some more of the bigger texts on there.


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        not to ask u guys to shoot ur selves in the foot since u dont make em but do think there could be some over o/a torches? just a crazy thought.
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          Originally posted by weld_13 View Post
          not to ask u guys to shoot ur selves in the foot since u dont make em but do think there could be some over o/a torches? just a crazy thought.
          yeah this would be pretty cool cause they ain`t much on o\a torches I think people they don`t get as much use any more (cause plsama cutters) but they in my shop
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            I see there's been a lot of requests for TIG. I posted the same question on the Mortorsports board, and they've come back with lots of TIG, but also a resounding request for more instructional video and pictures. Short clips on individual topics, not whole classes or anything..

            I'm not so sure about the O/A info, since I don't think Miller sells that type of equipment, (and they DO sell plasma) but I will definately bring it up for consideration. After all, some people might use both!

            I also had some requests for a chart or guide for gasses and filler metals. I have to compare the requests against what we have already, but if we do already have them and people aren't finding them, that's a concern as well.

            All ideas are welcome!
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              Most of us on here have answered questions for the newby's and hobbyists about the best type of material to use for specific projects. Maybe a run down of types of metals and the best suitable uses for them. Kinda like a metal 101, Not to scientific either, just the basics, as I know all the data can be a little confusing at times. After all you can't use a welder with out the materials, and it would be much safer if the people knew what the proper materials are for the application. Dave
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                oh theres also been some request to see if anyone had rod charts for stick welding to and it would be nice to have one up on the site to list what amps to use what metal to use it on ect. thanks
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                  One thing I would like to see added to the education area is pictures. Particularly photos of poor quality welds with an explanation of why it is a poor weld, what caused it, and how to correct the problem. The more the better, because I keep finding ways to make ugly welds.

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