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    Awhile ago I had posted up asking about 2" round tubing and it's strength, resistance to bend given a certain length and load etc. Well, here is the finished project. It is a dual purpose piece, the bottom section remove to be carried for distance/ time etc. 3x3 x 3/16" tubing filled with concrete for good measure and cheap weight. handgrips are 1" or so rebar wrapped in athletic tape. each side weighed in at 90#, by some stroke of luck they are with .1# of each other and balance front to rear with 1/2". The uprights are 2.5" x 3/16". Crossbar is the aforementioned 2" round .145" wall thickness. I took care in beveling the end of the tubing, cleaning the square stock, turned the wire speed down and focused on getting good penetration with one pass at the bottom (root?) and two passes over it. Added the angle gusset for grins, cleaned it up and sent it off to powder coat. The pins holding it all together are 5/8"dia. just to look even more impressive. Not sure what the upper assembly and uprights weigh, i'm guessing the total package is around 270-290#. There is the capability to add about 180# to each corner with regular gym weights. Walking with this thing is fun as it forces you to keep your abs and back tight. best part is, I got paid to build it and get to use it as it's at the gym I train at. Gotta love it. Thanks for the feedback on the tubing and y'alls dedication to the craft of welding causing me to raise the bar on myself and what is acceptable work. enough of this, on to the pics:

    Pic 1 shows the handle detail
    Pic 2 shows an overall view of the yoke
    Pic 3 is a shot of the lower set-up
    Pic 4 is my customer trying it out, it was like Christmas for him, he had already trained today but just had to try it out
    Attached Files
    Miller 350P
    Miller Econotig
    Milwaukee Dry saw
    Evolution Dry saw (for sale)
    Scotchman 350 cold saw
    7x12 bandsaw
    1910 ATW 14 x 72 lathe
    fridge full of adult beverages
    Sirius radio
    callouses and burns a plentysigpic