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First Post: Newtime Welder looking for advice.

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  • First Post: Newtime Welder looking for advice.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently a student at Apex tech over in NY. I've got about two weeks left in my TIG class and our instructor has told those of us who're on top of our projects that we could, for a grade even, make our own stuff. We have limited (although slightly less then usual) access to Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. As far as machines go we all have our own TIG machines set up with foot pedals for remote control of the amps. We have shared access to one plasma arc cutter in the room. I've gotten pretty good with both, at least for a beginner. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts for a project I might be able to try. I thank you guys in advance, its a big help, really.

    On a second note, just as my story of the day. I had done lap, tee, corner and butt joints for mild and stainless as well as aluminum. Well, I actually didn't do the butt joint for stainless, so I went back to do it today. I learned the hard way about backing gas. I did three of them, the first two I assumed I was just getting poor penentration, and not using good manipulation. The third one, however, I was extremely confident in the weld, and was still clueless as to why the back looked so terrible, so I asked my instructor. He told me not to worry about it, that stainless requires a backing gas but that we didnt have a setup for it, however he could tell that it was a decent weld and I should move on. I, however, was determined to make sure that I could do it well, so I spent most of the day building myself a "backing gas setup". There was a free tank of argon setup next to my machine that he said I could use. I checked the size of the hose (slightly under 3/4 in.), then went to my last instructor who teaches MIG and asked if I could have two 3/4in plates. With a little convincing he forked them over. I brought them back to my booth and got a mild steel plate from my TIG instructor. I put the plates about 3/4in. away from each other and ran the hose in the middle, just to make sure I had room. Then I welded the smaller plate on the end of them and pulled the hose out. It was a bit too big so I took it to the back and used the plasma arc cutter to quickly remove the excess, and made a quick little hole in it for the gas to flow out of. When I finished that up I brought it back to my booth, set it up with the hose at the very start of it, placed my stainless on top and began to weld. While not the most beautiful weld in the world, the contraption worked, and it came out pretty nice.

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    Welcome to the site . . .

    I'm sure as the evening comes and more people will come on, you will get ton's of suggestions . . . .

    Some of the members on this board are "phenomenal" welders . . . wait until you see the projects . . .

    I can only imagine living someplace that has real broad selection of training available . . .

    Classes are not that plentiful here . . .

    Take care,
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      Thanks, I'll look forward to it.

      The classes around here aren't abundant to the extreme, but theres a couple, then again its in the heart of NYC, if you can deal with the noise, pollution, congestion, 24-hour traffic, and inability to find anything when you need it, you can get anything and everything here.

      I'm really liking this course though, seven months, Blueprint reading and fabrication, oxy-fuel, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and several other machines and graduation comes with an AWS certification, as well as line ups for the NYC test, the Department of Transportation (NYS) test as well as guarenteed job placement. For starters who haven't got the money, the 17 grand is pretty steep, but it should pay off in the end, especially since after graduation I can go back anytime until the day I die or the school closes and practice from 8am to 10pm with "theoretical" unlimited access to metals and supplies, as well as continued hands on aid from the instructors if they're not busy.


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        Welcome to the board! Where in NY are you taking APEX welding classes? How do you rate them, and how much experience do you have? I have done a bunch of stainless, i have been using some alluminum tape (speed tape) and a second flowmeter with a "T" fitting. You could get away with alluminum foil too! It doesn't take a whole lot of extra gas to get good results when backgassing, at least not for your practice.
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          lower Manhatten.

          they're pretty good, then again I din't have really any experience with welding. My cousin does some, and he went to apex before me, and I've seen welds done before, but consdiering I'm really just starting i haven't got much to base it off of.

          As for the backing gas I guess you're right, I don't really need much, I just wanted something to do, and something stable that I could reuse quickly and pass off to others. Naturally I misplaced it, I hope i put it in my locker, if not I'll slap together another one tomorrow


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            Post pics of before and after and your back-gas tool please.

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              Heion, there is a product I recently found called SolarFlux, you mix with alcohol and paint on the back of the area to be welded in stainless. it works pretty good, and for odd shaped items is a could spend days rigging back gas and not get the results this will give in a few minutes. I have to weld on stainless meat process equipment in the coolers with meat still in the machines, 1000LB capacity grinders and such.....smells like a good barbeque, but not on out of service is alink, hope this will help someone, Paul

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                Good to see another local on the forums. You might want to put your resume in to Con Ed. We have in house welders.
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