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  • car dolly project help

    Hey all!

    I would like to build a low ride height car dolly. I have a car I tow around to the race track and the uhaul car dolly sits pretty high off the ground and the ramp housings hit the bottom of my car when its sitting in the platform.

    I would like to build a lower dolly and one that doesn't have the ramp housings(I can store ramps in the car).

    Some questions

    -I totally don't understand the swivel top this just a bearing and a bolt? So basically the car is strapped into the top base and that base is mounted to the frame with 1 bolt? Sounds real scary now that I think about it lol.

    -What if I wanted to build without the swivel top? Is this possible? I understand I could leave the steering unlocked and use the wheel this ok to do?

    -For the tounge. To build a low dolly I can see how the tounge would have to have maybe 2 bends in it to bring it level with the ball mount. Can I just use pie cuts, bend the tube then weld it? Is it ok to have welds on the tounge?

    -The car weights 2400lbs. The tows are usually 400 km round trip. The uhaul doesn't have suspension I THINK. What kind of wheel setup would you use? I mean if I run an axle then the platform would be as high as that there anyway around this? Do uhauls use axles? Or they are just seperate wheels mounted on each side?

    Ok thanks for the information!

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    No clue about the swivel set-up, I'd probably hit up the U-haul lot with a camera and take some pics. If in doubt, over engineer and overbuild it.

    I would be sure to add gussets on the tongue where you cut it

    as far as suspension, if you add suspension, I'm guessing it would raise the height of the tow dolly which isn't what you want. Since you are strapping the wheels of the car to the dolly and not attaching to the frame and locking the suspension in place, the car's suspension should suffice.

    I'm sure some of the more experienced guys will chime in. Good luck.
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      most all cars steering locks, if you left the steering unlocked you could probably skip the floating platform. but it may be ruff on the car, not shore i would want to risk any damage to save 4" of lift. all the Dolly's i have seen do not have an axel but a separate spindle on each side. my brothers tow neck is pie cut and welded, factory job.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Hey thanks for the replies can someone show me a link to where I could buy parts to make the top mount? Or what I would need?

        I guess if it is spindles I can just mount them at whatever hight I wanted to drop the frame so that would be ok.

        I was looking at this picture just now and I see it has spindles that turn....are these possibly off a car or they sell spindles like this for trailers?

        Hmm just a thought....I guess the top mount could be made out of a spindle mount yes? Or is that too much side loads not meant for wheel bearings?

        Thanks again!
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          What about modifying the U-Haul dolly? Maybe you could raise the hub mounting point to lower the unit.


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            hey thats very true I was looking at pics of the dollys and I could do that and cut off the ramp housings.....but I also see used dollys are almost as pricy as full size trailers!

            I was hoping to make something for couple hundred bucks because I'm on a budget


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              Having the steering column unlocked will do nothing for your turning. If the platform is solid you will put lots of side pressure on the dolly tires. Your pivot point would be at the ball and either the dolly tires or the rear car tires would slide. Watch a semi with a spread axle turn a corner. Letting the platform pivot would let your car follow around the corner. You wont need any suspension on the dolly because you strap the tires to it. Id get a trailer instead. Youll never be sorry youve got one.
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