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what size of wire for 210mm

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  • what size of wire for 210mm

    i was woundering if anyone knew what size of wire i needed to run for a 210, and what size of breaker.


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    30 AMP....wire size depends on the distance from the panel........10 is fine, but 8 is great........just my 2 cents........others with more true knowledge of electrical wiring will chime in soon enough.
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      wire size

      It all would depend on how far you are from the panel box, but in most cases a 8 or 10 wire would be sufficient and I would go for a 30 to 50 amp breaker, again that would depend on your particular set up. You may want to check with the local codes or an electrician just to cover yourself (for insurance purposes) in the unlikely event of an electrical fire
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        #10 wire and a 30A breaker will be fine. If you were really short on cash, you could use #12 wire, and label the receptacle for "WELDER USE ONLY." The machine won't mind, and the wire will be fine because of the machine's duty cycle (safe and legal per NEC Article 630.)

        If you'll ever upgrade, or use the receptacle for other things, let me know. Now's the time to make it do anything.


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