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    Just seeing if these pics of this pressure vessel I'm working on show up on here.
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    Looks good, what is it for and where is it headed?
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      it s a fairly small tank is it for a rig application????
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        I see some similar on small facilities with sour.


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          Not that this has anything to do with it but I was running crane and got a call to remove a big set of flues from a treater because of a leak. My guy says, want Cary to bring a welding machine. Oh,,, no,,, we got some expert type, etc and we just cant afford to do it twice, blah, blah. Ok, well we jerk them and he dabbles around for a while, mostly guessing and I don't say squat, shove them back in. Next morning, another call, remove them again. Seems Mr oilfield, pipe welding, certified guy missed it but he wasn't all dumb, they pay for 2 days for each of us but I wouldn't have missed it, would have done the basics and found it up front. In fact found it for them the second time.


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            These 2 vessels are poor boy degasser's headed to Ol' Mejico when they're complete...another 2 will follow and should provide me with well over a month of full time work. All the root passes are being done with wire and a 7018 fill and cap. It's a crap load of welding for one hombre I tell ya!!


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              are the engineers wanting stick only, I have used LH wire on some vessels where the engineer requied LH filler. Kobe makes a LH fluxcore wire that will cut your time dramatically, which means way more denero. You may have to do some procedure tests but it would be worth it


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                Hey DMK nice to see you have work and another month to go. I apprenticed in a vessel shop and well...I gotta say something here. On that pic of your fillet weld, I noticed that the weephole on the repad is at the highpoint and not at the lowest point.Or do they place them at the high and low points.? By the way, nice welds, shinier than a rodeo belt buckle and thats the way I like 'em too.