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Redecking car trailer

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  • Redecking car trailer

    Hello All I've seen plenty of people building trailers on here and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for gauge/thickness for diamond plate to redeck my car trailer? It's currently wood that seen better days ...I'll be reinforcing angle iron trailer frame with 2x2 tubing then laying out diamond plate for the new deck . I was thinking maybe 14 gauge thickness. Any suggestions would be appreciated
    Thanks Jim
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    It all depends how far the ribs are spaced. I built a car trailer using 14 ga dia plate with 3" channels running side to side spaced at 24". I had to add a 1/4" x 2 flat bar standing on end in between them running front to back under the driving area. This worked out o/k. If your going to jack up the car on the trailer make sure your on top of a rib. If weight is not an issue then 1/8 would be much stronger.
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      I might stay with wood if it were mine. probably Cheaper and will really hold up for years. Also not as slippery as metal floor. Just a thought, metal is nice but gotta paint it, wood you can put sealer on it every couple years.

      Just a thought
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        Im doing mine with wood. It no fun to go sliding off a wet metal trailer deck. Even humidity will make it treacherous.
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