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    I am building an iron fence for the first time and hope someone can help with a couple of questions I have. The fence is to go around a pool. First question is the iron I bought is covered in a black oily substance and i was wondering what the best way to clean it before painting is and if I should clean it before or after I put it up. the second question is if anyone has any good ideas for hinges and latches for the gates. The code is to have self closing and latching gates. I am building the fence out of 1.5 X 1.5 upper and lower rails with .75 in risers and 2 X 2 posts. all steel is .120 thick. I have attatched some pictures of what I have done so far. the table I made out of some aluminum wire rails that I got for free. thanks for any input you have. By the way I am using a mm210.

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    The pics didn't make it through...
    The best thing to do is to clean all the material before fabrication. It helps out during welding, and is a lot easier to do before fab as opposed to cleaning after it's all together. Many different cleaners can be used, petrollium distalates or alchohol based cleaners work well for packing greases use as an anti-corrosion coating. Look locally on-line for hardware suppliers. Hinges and weld-on parts are readilly available through most industrial suppliers.

    Sometimes building your own hardware is less cost effective than buying it, only re-invent the wheel for your one-off projects, or, if you have the time, do it for the fun of it.
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