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So what about female welders?

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    Windswept Silhouette

    A publicity background.
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      Your insane....that is
      how do you form the body...sheet steel?
      unbelievable work
      I'm not late...
      I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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        weldress, Would you quit showing off, I have a hard enough time trying to color in the lines of my nephews coloring book as it is, and you gotta keep posting this beautiful work.

        Seriously, I can't think of enough adjectives to describe your work. Another wonderful creation. Dave
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          Windswept ROCKS.....

          that's a great piece, Weldress. The computer generated background really "works", especially with all the "organic elements" on her.
          I just went back and read through the whole thread, and after seeing the other images......gotta say.......I love all your critters.
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            Originally posted by weldress View Post
            A publicity background.
            It's just Beautiful, Great Work! I love it!
            Careful with That Axe, Eugene


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              Hi Weldress

              "Windswept" is very cool - how long did it take you to complete? How is she attached to the granite? Cat


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                Female Welders Rule

                I Work For One Of San Diego Oldest Family Ran Iron Shops

                It Is A Women Owned Shop And We Have Two Welders In The Shop And They Out Weld The Guys All The Time

                I Work Out In The Feld Puting Up Stairs And Iron We Work With Other Trads Like The Dekers And They Have A Women On There Crew

                There Is A Women That I Have Seen In The Rod Patch " Yes A Rod Buster " We Have A Lot Of Rebar Going On Out Here

                There Are Women In All The Trades In San Diego I Have Seen This First Hand And They Do Work

                But There Is A Big Problem With Women Welders You Can't Yell At Them Like We Do The Guys

                All Women That Weld Or Do What We Do "got All My Respect"


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                  how is she attached

                  Originally posted by cat View Post
                  "Windswept" is very cool - how long did it take you to complete? How is she attached to the granite? Cat
                  I built the whole piece, basically HUNG it on a long piece of 3'' seamless pipe running fom her neck to 12' below her heel.
                  I bent the pipe to conform to her chest, hips and the main standing leg(or trunk!) Then I built a fine wire body to guide me and added the corten to that.
                  So she is complete in every detail..fingers and toes included, even though you don't see them clearly because of the foliage I added later.
                  When the piece was virtually finished except for the standing foot,I has the granite drilled and inserted the 12' of pipe extending from her foot,and used powerful expanding grout to hold her.
                  I then built the foot, and then the roots, and used tapcons to secure the roots to the rock.
                  So really her 'taproot' and the roots that extend over the rock are what holds the piece together.
                  Obviously it was picked up with crane straps under the granite.
                  The piece travelled 400 miles on the bed of the crane truck to be installed, an although she swayed, nothing was weakened in transport. (I was more worried about her height under the overpasses! I kept ducking in the truck cab as if that would have helped)
                  This is a wonderful piece in all winter she is amazing..looks just like a bent pine covered with snow...then in spring she emerges.


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                    Hi Weldress

                    I would have done the ducking for overpasses, too! And I would have been looking out the back window all the time. Were you able to relax at all on the trip? I once made a large lizard as part of an address sign that had to be attached to a rock. I welded spikes onto the lizard, drilled the rock and epoxied. Worked great. It was a much, much, much smaller piece. Yours is a wonderful piece. Cat


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             - are - phenominal.
                      Cat, you HAVE to have pics of your lizard, right?
                      I'm not late...
                      I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                        yep, here's a pic. he's not very elaborate but he worked for this desert location. Cat
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                          those are aewsome

                          Inferno Forge



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                            ok...that is **** COOL
                            I'm not late...
                            I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                              Truly amazing. You are quite talented!


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                                that ox thing is friggen cool ... i wonder if it will end up weighing the same as the real guy did... lot of metal goin on!

                                that corten steel is sweet lookin.. is it relatively expensive compared to regular mildsteel?