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So what about female welders?

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    indoor pieces

    I do a lot of indoor pieces...this is a Great Grey Owl, life-size...the piece stands 71/2 feet high, the bird is 36" head to tail, stainless, brass, 22 guage sheet steel, steel rod, pipe, oxy-acetylene welded.
    I guess posting artwork has not caught on although I know there are a lot more artists out there, full and part-time.
    Looking at what people do on the side with welding proves proves that nothing is impossible. The Hobart site someone mentioned does have a lot, however.
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      I am not into producing art in my welding(although a piece of metal with a good weld or a finely machined piece is still a turn-on to me. Your work is wonderful. Meeting you, I'm sure would be a pleasure. You have in you what the average person can not understand. I'm sure every piece welded on to make your art, has its memory..........Nick
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        Weldress, I, and probably many of us here, have no problems envisioning a job with a real practical purpose, something that has to perform a service, I have a great admiration for those (like yourself) who can come up with a concept, and using the skills of our trade (or any other trade for that matter), and bring this concept to life.

        Getting back to the subject of female welders, I know one that'll put most guys to shame, grew up on a family dairy farm (where everybody worked, an immigrant Swiss/Italian family, started with nothing, and nobody got a free ride), this lady went and got a full nursing degree, had a great job, OR room nurses around here get close to six figure incomes, sometimes over. Anyhow, her brothers kept the farm going, great dairymen, great farmers, good businessmen, but not a whole lot of mechanical aptitude. After a few years, she noticed, equipment running down, quit the nursing job, moved back, kicked everybody out of the shop. Does all the mechanics, all the welding repairs, all the new fab work. I've seen her build new silage dump boxes on ten-wheelers, and for a 110 - 120 pound person she can sure swing a mean sledgehammer


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          Owl sculpture

          Now I know where the exhaust system from my neighbors truck went!!!

          Once again you've done some outstanding work. Dave
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            Hi Weldress - me, too-female welder

            Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics.
            I do a lot of "functional metal work" - gates, fireplace screens, some kinetic sculptures, furniture, etc. I also work with a fused-glass artist and we do some joint art pieces.
            I was a mechanical engineer in my former life, then built an adobe house in 1987 but couldn't find light sconces that I liked. I signed up for a welding class and realized I found my calling. Was able to quit engineering in 1992 and now I just weld and play full time. There's nothing better than chalking out the opening size on the garage floor then sitting there and creating a gate! (or a bear!) cat


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              under the helmet

              hey there weldress the sculpture looks pretty for females in work place. hey as long as they can do the job go for it.I'm a former canadian army mechanic.i'm proud of the females i'veserved with.since i retired from the army i'm now a heavy duty mechanic and also a jouneymen welder.i've seen females both in the army and in civilian life who are mechanics and welders. you can give them any job and they will do it without any completes.and do the job right the first time.


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                I knew somone would recognize it! Good eye, dabar!


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                  another voice heard from

                  so, cat, will you send photos?


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                    Weldress, you have more talent in your pinky fingernail then I have in my whole body. Anything I have built would be like bringing a bicycle to a NASCAR race. I could look at your work all day. You have extrodenary talent. You should have a web site.



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                      Need one stop shopping


                      Very, very nice work. You wouldn't happen to have a website would you? I would like to point some folks in your direction.


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                        Nothing I could say that Dabar hasn't already said!
                        Speechless. I'm 46 now, Hope to have your talent when I'm 400
                        got into welding a couple of years ago, to do artistic stuff...
                        thanks for the inspiration
                        I'm not late...
                        I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                          Just found this board and your amazing sculptures, Weldress. Beautiful!

                          You asked about female welders... I am just starting out, but I belong to an art collective called "The Flaming Lotus Girls". We do kinetic, metal, and fire art.

                          Our latest piece is the Serpent Mother, you can check her out here:


                          I'm also involved in a robotic project called Swarm:


                          Great to see your art and I look forward to the updates!


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                            ..."expanding her dominion beyond the burning man"....
                            hmmm...don't know if I want to donate to a 'cause that's going to wipe out men and have world power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                            I'm not late...
                            I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                              Serpent Mother

                              I sat through a long dial-up download (arrrghhh!) to see the photos, and boy was it ever worth it!! Good luck with your fundraising. How do you keep the head painted with all that heat? And I assume it disassembles to transport it.


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                                Although we are mostly women, we do have some men our group too, so we won't wipe you out.

                                Weldress, we actually don't paint the head at all. She's made mostly of stainless steel with some copper accents. So the brownish color you see on the head is actually copper, as is the egg. We do have to polish the copper occasionally. The eyes are some sort of painted glass with lights behind them, but there isn't a lot of heat in that area. You can actually touch the vertebra of the spine and it is cool to the touch when the fire is on because all the fire is at the top. The fire is fueled by propane along the spine and the egg is fueled by methane. A fun part of the serpent is that there are control boxes along the support ribs where people can go up and press the buttons to release big "poofs" of fire along each vertebra. So it's a bit interactive that way and people love it.

                                Oh, and it does dissasemble and fits into a 40 ft by 8ft tall container for shipping. It takes about a week to assemble and dissassemble (accounting for the fact that many people have to work during the day).
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