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Questionaire and free tape measure.

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    I am looking foreward to adding it to my other Miller gadgets!


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      Yeah thats definitely cool of the miller guys. That helmet will make a nice addition to someone's shop as well.


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        I can't seem to find any of my tapes
        when I need them too.........


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          Thanks Camero Zach, see i learn something everyday...Bob
          Bob Wright

          Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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            Can't wait....

            to get my new tape. I just bought a BWE three weeks ago. Got the Boddington version. I LLOOVVEE it! Had a gold shield before. Can't believe the difference. When you don't win it ( because I'm gonna ), go buy one. It's well worth it.


            MIG it, TIG it, Stick it. OMG I love my job!

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            XR15 w/Push-Pull Gun
            Victor O/A, DeWalt, North mask

            "A professional knows what to do. A craftsman knows why."


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              I signed up .... THANK YOU GUYS!
              It's no wonder folks like Miller.
              Best Regard,
              aka Neo

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              Miller 225G
              Red 255
              VIctor O/A
              Wish list:
              Maxstar 150STH or
              Syncrowave 250DX
              A Dynasty 300 if I am wishing really hard..


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                Thank's Miller

                It just dont get any better than Miller.

                IF IT'S NOT MILLER BLUE IT'S, NOT FOR YOU!!!!
                You can fix anything from a "Broken Heart to the Crack of Dawn" if you have the right tool's


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                  Sorry Guys but it sounds like I need that new helmet more than you. All I have is an old broken taped up lift up. Good luck to all.....But can always use a good tape. Thanks Miller...........


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                    I also want to thank Miller for the tape. I need the helmet too.


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                      Think about the class of this outfit. They are the ONLY manufacturer with forums like these and they have THREE (Miller Projects Forum, Hobart Forum, and Ask Andy Motorsports Forum.) They have NO competition in this area, and it costs them money to host and moderate (which they do conservatively.)

                      So we know we can take this as a genuine "thank you," not some marketing ploy.

                      Keep it up ITW! We are MillerMen for a reason!


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                        In response to your posting about not receiving an email for the free tape measure....when you registered for the board, you indicated that you did not want to receive email from Administration. To respect your wishes, and anyone who checked that box, we did not send an email.

                        I tried to send you a personal email, but it was returned as undeliverable. We'd like to send you a free gift and give you a chance to win a helmet too! If you are interested, please contact me directly at [email protected]


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                          I didn't realize I had done this. I went back in to my profile and corrected this.
                          Thank you though for respecting peoples wishes. Anyone who would like to contact me is welcome to do so.


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                            Thanks for the measure

                            Originally posted by aametalmaster
                            I might not be first but me and fyoung are tied at 42 post's each. ...Bob
                            Thanks to Miller for the gift and Bob if we combine we will be 82..not bad!
                            Regards, Farris
                            Gone But Never Forgotten!


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                              Thanks for the tape measure and the chance at another BWE.....
                              Can never have enough of either....

                              MM210 w/3035 Spooler
                              Stars & Stripes BWE signed by Andy

                              TA185TSW w/Miller Radiator 1
                              Miller Spectrum 125C
                              Victor O/A
                              Parker Plasma 40


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                                wow bad idea making this thread now everyone is registered! Harder to win the BWE. JK JK JK
                                When in doubt Weld It