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What size spool for 180 mig

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  • What size spool for 180 mig

    What is the max size wire spool for the Miller 180 welder. I think it's 8". If so, what is the weight of the full spool. My Miller 150 will take 44lb spools and I like that.
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    in .023 solid wire an 8" spool is 11 lbs. i suspect that will verry with flux core or even wire size, but 11 lbs is a place to start..
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      My welder will take the bigger 44# spools but i don't use them because sometime's i just tack weld, 5,000 or 6,000 of them and i don't want to wear out the drive sooner so i use the smaller spools. The bigger one are cheaper though....Bob
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        11 # is the most I have seen on 8" spool

        Some of the fiber spools may look a bit bigger, but most only have 10# of wire on them. Of course the fiber spools weigh about 2 # empty.
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          The large rolls are quite economical unless they are left in an area where they may rust. If they get any rust at all on them, they are scrap. That's why I prefer the 2# and 10# rolls on my SP 175 plus Lincoln. It won't take anything larger than the 10# anyway.
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            I have a Passport Plus and I think it uses the same size spool as the 180. Mine uses a 8" 10 lb. 0.030 mild steel spool.
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